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London leading the way for Uber’s electric vehicle revolution with 15% of on-trip miles electric

Image credit: Uber

Uber’s electric vehicle revolution in London is leading the way for the global operator over other cities, with 15% of on-trip miles covered now electric.

Uber set an ambitious goal of becoming an all-electric platform in the capital by 2025. London is seen as the global leader for Uber’s electrification efforts with an estimated 6,000+ EVs on the platform – the most of any Uber city.

On average, more than 37,000 zero emission vehicle (ZEV) drivers a month are actively using Uber’s app in the US, Canada, and Europe. That represents a fourfold increase since the same period a year prior.

Andrew Macdonald, SVP of Mobility and Business Operations, said: “The ongoing shift to electric in Europe continues to lead the world, with electric on-trip miles doubling year on year, with 7.1% of on-trip miles now electric. It’s no surprise that London, a city with leading government policies, leads the world with 15% of on-trip miles now electric.

“While we have much more work to do to get to zero-emissions, our 2022 report shows we’re on our way. Getting there won’t be easy and we can’t do it alone. Climate is a team sport and we’re in it together. We look forward to working with policymakers, climate experts, EV industry leaders and many others to meaningfully reduce the environmental impact of trips taken on our app and help create healthier, more liveable urban environments.“


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