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London taxi driver issued ticket for driving on the wrong side of the road in front of police

Image credit : Twitter @CityPoliceCops

A London taxi driver has been issued a ticket after City Police witnessed the cab driving on the wrong side of the road to bypass roadworks which meant there was no access to the street.

The white taxi can be seen picking up speed at the last moment to gain access to the closed road via the wrong side before any incoming vehicles block the road.

The road the taxi driver was attempting to access is the only route which can be used to head east of Bank Junction in the city.

Bank Junction no longer allows taxis through between 7am and 7pm, meaning cabbies have major detours just to get from one side of the junction to the other.

On this particular occasion it seems as though the driver was willing to take the risk of driving on the wrong side of the road to possibly save his passengers time and money.

A number of Twitter users have had their say on the incident, with one commenting: "I think you should use discretion here. With ludicrous closures in the city, the driver is making a forced error here. I bet my bottom dollar he is trying to get to Bishopsgate which has been made nigh on impossible. You too are in a profession where you're hands are often tied."

Another wrote: "Not convenient but some times with the outrageous road systems banning taxis in the city it's the only way."

But not everyone was so lenient towards the driver's decision. One Twitter user wrote: "I don't get why drivers take these chances to keep punters happy. Take them on the diversion no matter how long or ask them to walk."


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