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LPG TAXI CONCERNS: Supply of LPG ‘remains sufficient’ says minister after trade worries

‘The supply of LPG remains sufficient to meet demand across the UK’, said a Government minister after rising concerns from the taxi industry over its availability.

It is widely accepted that LPG, which is a cooking fuel, helps reduce particulate matter by 99% and cut NOx by 80%. In 2019, there were 150,000 vehicles running on autogas in the UK, with more than 65 LPG refuelling stations inside the M25 area. Since then the infrastructure has reduced in size causing concern within the taxi industry.

Chris Stephens MP asked the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, whether he will make an assessment of any factors that may impact LPG supply in Scotland. The MP also asked whether steps will be put in place to work with all parties to ensure taxi drivers in Scotland have sufficient access to LPG fuel.

Greg Hands, Minister for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, said: “The supply of LPG remains sufficient to meet demand across the UK. BEIS works closely with industry to monitor the LPG supply position throughout the year and proactively take steps to mitigate any risks that may affect distribution to customers and essential services.”

Last year a shortage of LPG fuel across London stopped taxi drivers who have converted to the greener fuel from working.

One taxi driver who spent £12,000 to make the conversion to LPG visited NINE garages in search of the cleaner fuel. The driver told TaxiPoint all of them could not currently get supplies of the fuel.

In 2021 there were just 24 LPG filling stations within the M25 and drivers with converted cabs running on LPG are increasingly finding that supply doesn’t seem to meet demand.


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