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LTDA stresses importance of taxis in Regent Street transformation discussions

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

London's iconic Regent Street could soon undergo a transformation as Westminster City Council (WCC) and the Crown Estate are seeking public input on proposed changes to the area. The Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association (LTDA) recently participated in a workshop alongside local residents, the London Chamber of Commerce, and an MP for the West End to discuss the plans.

Anthony Street, a representative from the LTDA, emphasised the council and Crown Estate's aim to prioritise the needs of those living and working in the area while upholding Regent Street's appeal as a renowned destination for millions of visitors annually, both from London and around the world. Ensuring pedestrian safety and preserving the historical buildings and architectural charm were key points of consensus during the discussions.

Street stressed the indispensability of taxis in London and the Association's belief that they should be granted complete access to Regent Street. Drawing a parallel between black cabs and the globally recognised street, he stated that taxis played a vital role in London's past and future, and there must always be a place for them on Regent Street.

Street said in TAXI Newspaper: “At the moment, the plan seems to be to give taxis the same access as buses so it shouldn’t cause us problems, in fact it could be positive for us, but as with all these schemes the devil will be in the detail and we need to make sure this is the case.

“The LTDA reiterated that taxis are an integral part of the transport network and should be given access as part of this proposed transformation, to ensure that Regent Street remains accessible for black cabs.

“For many people, taxis are an integral part of visiting and shopping in the West End and specifically in and around Regent Street. Unlike other schemes and other council’s WCC has an opportunity to demonstrate how a city like London can evolve without forgetting its roots, valuing the indispensable role of iconic black cabs, while moving towards a more sustainable and sustainable future.”


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