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'Mad Max' driver faces prosecution over spiked wheel nuts and ‘knife like spoiler’

Updated: Jun 6

Image credit: Gloucestershire Police Specialist Ops

A driver in Gloucestershire was stopped by police after turning their car into a hazardous "Mad Max" imitation.

Gloucestershire Police Specialist Operations identified numerous faults with the vehicle, leading to its prohibition from the road.

The modifications included spiked wheel nuts and a dangerously sharp, knife-like rear spoiler. Police identified the alterations to pose significant safety risks to other road users. The police shared images of the vehicle, revealing the perilous rear spoiler and black spikes protruding from the red car's wheels.

As a result of these dangerous modifications, the driver is now facing prosecution.

A Gloucestershire Police Specialist Ops spokesperson said: “A Mad Max wannabe has been left walking down Fury Road after their car was prohibited for an array of faults.

“This included wheel nuts being replaced for spiked ones and a sharp, knife like spoiler plus other offences. The driver is now being prosecuted as a result.”


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