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Man who went on a shooting spree tried to cover his tracks by using taxis under different names

Image credit: Lancashire Police

A man who carried out a shooting spree at an address in Skelmersdale in a targeted attack, and then went on to order multiple taxis in different names to try and cover his tracks, has been jailed for 20 years.

Thomas Anderson, 22, of no fixed abode, appeared at Preston Crown Court to be sentenced for the incident which occurred at around 1.30pm on 15 October 2019.

During the incident Anderson made his way through a house on Belfield with a handgun, shooting first at a 22-year-old man, causing injuries to his upper chest and shoulder. He then turned the weapon on a 46-year-old man who was shot to his upper arm and back, and a 47-year-old man who suffered an injury to his wrist.

Emergency treatment was provided to all three victims at the scene which also involved the use of the air ambulance. Thankfully the men are recovering from their injuries.

Immediately after the incident Anderson fled the scene on a pedal cycle, before ordering a taxi to take him to Upholland train station. He then arranged for a second taxi, providing a different name to try and cover his tracks.

Image credit: Lancashire Police

An extensive police investigation uncovered mobile phone evidence, CCTV footage and evidence left at the crime scene. A red coat worn by Anderson whilst fleeing the scene was found a short time later at Upholland train station. A detailed forensic examination of this jacket was undertaken which recovered a bullet case in a pocket and traces of gun shot residue. A mobile phone was in close proximity to the jacket which linked back to Anderson.

In February this year he appeared in court, where he pleaded guilty to one count of attempted murder, two counts of assault with intent to commit GBH and one count of possession of a firearm.


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