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Metropolitan Police and TfL inform taxi and PHV drivers how to spot child exploitation

Image credit: Met Police Camden

The Metropolitan Police joined forces with Transport for London (TfL) to tackle the issue of child exploitation within the city's taxi and private hire sectors.

This initiative focuses on equipping taxi and major private hire operators, along with licensed drivers, with the necessary knowledge to identify and respond to signs of child exploitation, particularly in relation to county lines drug trafficking.

The police spokesperson highlighted the unfortunate reality that taxis and private hire vehicles can sometimes be unwittingly used to transport young people for exploitative purposes. By fostering an environment of awareness, the collaboration aims to empower drivers to play a pivotal role in the intervention and safeguarding of children at risk of being trafficked into criminal networks.

This concerted effort highlighted the commitment of both the Metropolitan Police and TfL to leverage the unique position of taxi and private hire services as frontline responders in the fight against child exploitation.

A Metropolitan Police Camden spokesperson said: “Officers have been working closely with Transport for London (TfL) to help taxi and major private hire operators and licensed drivers to spot the signs of child exploitation.

“Cab and private hire taxis are sometimes used to transport young people for the purpose of county line exploitation.

“Through sharing preventative advice with drivers, we are able to intervene and safeguard children who could otherwise be trafficked into drug networks.”


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