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MID-MAY REVIEW: City of London to reconsider Bank Junction access for Black Cabs

Image credit: James Thomson

James Thomson, Deputy Common Councilman for the Ward of Walbrook and Chair of the City of London Police Authority Board, has confirmed a review of traffic restrictions at Bank Junction in mid-May.

The regulations, initially set in 2017, currently limit access between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Friday, to buses and cyclists, explicitly excluding black cabs.

The review aims to determine if these restrictions should be altered to allow 24/7 access for black taxis. This change is proposed to enhance the accessibility of black cabs in the area, which is crucial for the mobility-impaired, ensuring women's safety, and supporting local businesses and visitors.

Thomson expressed an expectation that the City would favour amending the restrictions, noting the symbolic significance of the black cab, often used in official City representations.

The Streets and Walkways Sub-Committee will deliberate on the review findings on 14 May, followed by the Planning and Transportation Committee on 16 May. A conclusive decision will be made by the Court of Common Council on 20 June.

James Thomson said via social media: “The City of London is currently reviewing traffic restrictions at Bank Junction. The restrictions put in place in 2017 only permit buses & cyclists through the junction between 7am & 7pm, Mon to Fri - but not Black Cabs.

“The review is centred on whether these restrictions should be changed to also allow black cab access 24/7/365 to improve the availability of Black Cabs in the City of London - needed for: mobility challenged, women’s safety, businesses & visitors.

“You would hope the City supports lifting restrictions given its own use of the iconic Black Cab in City livery.”


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