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Motorcyclist caught speeding at a whopping 73mph around Regents Park's 20mph Outer Circle

Image credit : Pixabay

A motorcyclist has been caught speeding at a terrifying 73mph around Regents Park's Outer Circle in London.

The speed limit on that particular road which circles the park's main green space is 20mph. A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Royal Parks Team said: "This is an exceptional speed. We are normally reporting speeds of half that."

Using social media to highlight the offence, Royal Parks Police said: "A motorcyclist was stopped travelling at 73mph this morning on the Outer Circle, Regents Park.

"He will shortly have an appointment with a magistrate."

One Twitter user responded to the tweet: "Yikes. Somebody will be taking the bus for a while." Another wrote: "Anyone who actually cycles in this park will not be shocked in the slightest.

"The Royal Parks operate a dangerous rat run which is blasted through by speeding motorists all day."


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