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MUSK PLANS: Are Tesla set to unveil ‘Robotaxi’ on 8 August?

Updated: Apr 15

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced the planned unveiling of the Tesla Robotaxi, scheduled for 8 August.

The announcement could mark a pivotal moment in the automotive industry's shift towards self-driving vehicles.

Tesla's current line-up offers varying degrees of automated driving capabilities. The most advanced among these is the Full Self-Driving (FSD) package, which provides features such as autopilot navigation on highways, automatic lane changes, parking assist, and the ability to recognise and respond to traffic lights and stop signs. Despite its name, the FSD system does require the driver's constant attention and readiness to take control.

The concept of 'robotaxi'—fully autonomous taxis that operate without a human driver—has been met with mixed reactions in global urban settings. Trials in several cities around the world have demonstrated the potential for reducing congestion and lowering emissions. However, regulatory hurdles, safety concerns, and public scepticism remain significant barriers to widespread adoption.

These autonomous vehicles have been tested under various conditions, but widespread regulatory approval is still pending in many regions.

Elon Musk simply said: “Tesla Robotaxi unveil on 8/8.”


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