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NEW 2023 TOYOTA PRIUS: New Prime model set to increase EV range by over 50%

Image credit: Toyota

Toyota is showing the debut of the all-new 2023 Prius and Prius Prime at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show.

Showcased in the South Hall at the Los Angeles Convention Center, visitors can view the popular private hire and taxi vehicle between 18-27 November.

According to Toyota, the all-new model is the most fuel-efficient Prius ever, with a manufacturer-estimated 57 combined MPG, featuring a fresh new sporty exterior design and fifth gen hybrid powertrain with up to 196 horsepower. Following suit, the 2023 Toyota Prius Prime notably boasts a larger lithium-ion battery, increasing its EV range by over 50%.

Image credit: Toyota

Now in its 10th year of production, the plug-in hybrid model has offered customers the flexibility of zero emission battery power or hybrid mode for fuel efficient road journeys. The new model comes with a larger lithium-ion battery that increases its EV range by more than 50% over the previous range of 25 miles. With over 20 million hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles sold globally, the all-new Prius Prime brings a new flexible player to Toyota's ever-growing option of electrified vehicles.

Tell me more about the Prius Prime model

As part of Toyota's approach to carbon neutrality, the Prius Prime is part of a line-up that looks to move ’beyond zero’. With ten hybrids, two plug-in hybrids, the new bZ4X battery electric vehicle and zero emission hydrogen fuel cell technology Mirai, Toyota is committed to finding highly efficient and zero emission solutions that fit customers' lifestyles across the US. As a symbol of that commitment, the 2023 Prius will be the first Toyota vehicle to wear a new "Beyond Zero" badge, a global effort to achieve carbon neutrality in their products, manufacturing, and beyond.

Price and on-sale date of the exciting, all-new Prius Prime will be announced in the first half of 2023.

Sporty and efficient

A focus for Prius Prime is to allow it to have a similar ethos to the new Prius hybrid model, but with a little something extra – more performance, technology, safety and even a little attitude. Overall, the goal is to build a vehicle that not only meets the practical needs of today's customers, but also one that appeals to their emotions and that starts with a new sport grade lineup.

Available in SE, XSE and XSE premium grades, the 2023 Prius Prime is built on the second-generation TNGA-C platform, offering a low center of gravity with reduced weight and increased rigidity compared to the previous generation. The result? A wider stance and a lower driving position that feels sporty, yet comfortable.

The all-new Prius Prime also aims to blend its athletic side with a bit of star powered tech: a solar roof. This on-board charging feature uses roof mounted solar panels to recharge the Prius Prime's battery when parked. The panels deliver supplemental power to accessory functions, like air conditioning, when driving and they also use a clever design that conceals the electrodes for a seamless, glossy appearance.

Compared to the previous generation Prius Prime, it's 2-inches lower, 1-inch wider, 1-inch longer length and with a hip point that's almost 1-inch lower. The placement of the traction battery placement is also optimized, with placement under the rear seat for a low center of gravity and enhanced luggage capacity.


When it comes to performance, Prius Prime is purpose-built – with a plug-in hybrid system designed to enhance both fuel economy and driving performance, when compared to the outgoing model. The acceleration feel and vehicle speed controllability have also been enhanced, providing a driving feel and accelerator response unique to electric vehicles.

Under the hood is the 5th generation hybrid powertrain coupled with a 2.0L engine and a newly developed lithium-ion battery, located underneath the rear seat. The result is a zero-emission electric range increase of over 50%, a nearly 100 hp increase to 220 hp, and a 0-60 time of 6.6 seconds.


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