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NEW AND OLD: Extended warranties and taxi health checks key when buying a LEVC TX says union rep

Updated: May 29, 2023

Extended warranties and black cab health checks are key when buying a new taxi says union representative.

In a recent article by Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) Executive, Anthony Street, he provided some insightful advice for those looking to purchase, lease, or PCP a new TXE.

Street emphasized the importance of obtaining a five-year manufacturer's warranty and service plan when purchasing a new cab. By doing so, London’s taxi drivers can trust that any unexpected issues that may arise during the five-year warranty period will be resolved, providing peace of mind when using the vehicle for work purposes.

In addition to purchasing new, Street also provided guidance for those interested in buying a second-hand TXE. Although the maintenance costs of used vehicles may be uncertain, Street suggests getting a vehicle health check to validate any warranty claim.

Anthony Street, LTDA Executive, said: “If you do purchase/lease/PCP a new TXE, make sure you have a five-year manufacturer’s warranty and take the service plan – it’s a good deal and you will know that if any unexpected problems arise they will be sorted, giving you a peace of mind when working. Then after the five years you will have the choice to give the cab back and start again with a new deal.

“Another option would be to purchase a second hand TXE, but I know that raises uncertainties on maintenance costs. If you do decide to go down this route, make sure you get a vehicle health check, which you will need to a validate any warranty claim, this will save you time and stress knowing any work required will be covered under the terms and conditions.”


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