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New future LEVC taxi models can be produced at ‘any time’ confirms CEO

Updated: May 15, 2023

Image credit: LEVC

Electric vehicle manufacturers LEVC have confirmed new taxi models can be produced at ‘any time’ moving forwards following the launch of the new SOA platform.

Last week London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC), a Geely-owned company, announced its plans to roll out a new SOA-based (Space Oriented Architecture) vehicle platform with new futuristic features.

The launch of its innovative new pure electric vehicle technology will provide extended electric range vehicles - capable of around 400 miles - and future autonomous driving capability.

The new platform was developed over the past 2.5 years at R&D centres in China, Sweden, the UK and Germany, and maximises interior space, offering multiple seating and load-carrying configurations. It can support a wide range of new products - from passenger carrying models, to commercial vehicles, offering significant advances in range, efficiency, safety, charging time, durability and connectivity.

In a new video released on Friday, Li Jlanhua, CGTN Host, asked LEVC CEO Alex Nan a series of questions around the launch on the new SOA platform.

One of the questions included Jlanhua highlighting that LEVC are currently the only company dedicated to manufacturing London taxis. The host asked Nan whether LEVC were planning to roll out new black cab models in the future.

Nan responded: “In addition to the technology of Taxi TX we already have, we now have this new vehicle architecture technology. The two technologies supplement each other.

“We can produce new models at any time.

“As for when this new model will be launched, we are still evaluating.”

Further on in the short interview, Nan is asked whether he thought the UK Government should subsidise the making of electric cars similar to US and EU models.

Nan replied: “I think that if the British Government recognises climate change is an issue facing all mankind, and it does not want to be left behind in the era of smart electric vehicles, then they have to come up with some targeted policies in this regard.”


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