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NEW LOOK: Free TaxiPoint Magazine for April 2023 covers breadth of taxi industry debate and concerns

The UK taxi industry’s leading news source TaxiPoint has released the latest April 2023 edition of its free monthly digital magazine.

Edition 48 of the the widely read magazine, accessed tens of thousands of times each edition, covers the hot topics within the trade and speaks to leading names in the taxi world.

In this issue readers will find articles on:

  • TaxiPoint chats trade with DfT

  • London's Leaders: Three taxi chiefs debate four big questions

  • The Knowledge: The reasons why The Knowledge might now be beyond help

  • CAB-E Media: The new taxi media firm looking to 'cabtivate' audiences

  • The Fear: Taxi drivers keep mental health problems hidden due to job loss fears

  • Big Debate: Scottish Parliament discusses how to best support the taxi industry

  • £79,006.80 on the meter: The longest recorded taxi journey

  • Wholesale diesel same price as petrol... but why does the 17p gap at the pump price remain?

  • Taxi Plus: Should taxi and PHV drivers be subjected to more regular DVLA checks?

  • UK taxi news round up

  • and more...


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