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New Patons Insurance appointments made to help drive taxi insurance broker forward

The taxi insurance broker, Patons Insurance, has appointed Chris Pracy in the newly created role of Head of Marketing, and Mike Atkinson as Finance Manager, as part of its aggressive growth plans.

Both new appointments were recruited into the family business by Managing Director Darren Roberts as he continues to grow the business and strengthen the senior team.

Roberts said: “We’re delighted to have Chris join Patons. Marketing has always been one of the areas we felt that we’d never fully capitalised on.

“Chris’ significant digital, direct marketing and branding experience ideally places him within our business to create our key messages and amplify them within our target audiences. This will increase our profile within the market and raise the overall awareness of the Patons brand.”

Pracy said: “My role will help create a clear message throughout the business that will influence everything we strive to do.

“There are so many opportunities for the business within the markets it operates in and it is in a strong position for growth now Covid restrictions seem finally lifted. I’m keen to work on all aspects of the business marketing plan.

“We are concentrating on the growth plans Darren implemented in 2018, which were interrupted by the pandemic, and it gives us a chance to tell clients what we are all about.

“I’ve worked closely with Darren and other senior members of the Patons team before and the level of trust between us is high, meaning we can move quickly to get campaigns signed off and implemented.

“We all work as a team and understand each other because we have known each other for so long.”

Welcoming Atkinson to Patons, Roberts said: “I’ve known Mike personally for many years, we get on well and we have a mutual trust & understanding. The change in role for Mike will bring something new to Patons, as he will see the overall picture from a different perspective, which will benefit the business moving forward.”

Atkinson, who worked as an accountant for 10 years, said: “I have always wanted to be more involved and make more of a contribution to a business than just doing the annual accounts. Now I am on the other side and it’s great being able to help in different ways.

“I’m looking forward to helping grow the business by reviewing internal processes and providing detailed financial analysis.

“It is a relaxed environment, but it is professional. I’ve known Darren for years, but this is the first time I have worked for him. He makes an effort to get around and see everyone and if you bump into him when you are making a coffee you can have a chat and talk about last night’s TV or football, but a few minutes later when you’re in a meeting, it’s down to business and professional.”


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