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NEW SAFETY GUIDANCE: DfT urges taxi drivers to drop-off cash during each shift

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Taxi drivers have been urged to make periodic cash drop-offs during each shift to ensure there is not an excess amount of money in their vehicle for would-be thieves.

Taxi drivers, who often find themselves dealing with strangers in isolated locations and carrying cash, have long been vulnerable to potential dangers and violence. Recognising these risks, the Department for Transport (DfT) has issued new guidelines aimed at increasing safety for taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers across the country.

The recently released guidelines provide advice on how drivers should react to hate crimes, the importance of carrying essential safety items, and how to effectively manage cash while on duty.

One of the primary recommendations is for drivers to minimise the amount of cash they carry in their vehicles.

The DfT suggests that if possible, drivers should make periodic drop-offs of their cash earnings throughout their shifts. By reducing the amount of cash in their vehicles, drivers can significantly decrease the potential risk they face. The guidance acknowledges that at times, immediate drop-offs may not be feasible, and in such cases, drivers are advised to keep their cash hidden from view in secure boxes.

In addition to cash management, the guidance emphasises the importance of being vigilant when accepting passengers, particularly during night shifts. It highlights the potential risks that arise when dealing with individuals who have consumed excessive alcohol.

The DfT's new guidelines aim to serve as a valuable resource for taxi and PHV drivers, equipping them with practical recommendations for enhancing their personal safety.


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