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New TaxiPoint October 2023 Magazine out now and available free to read

The latest edition of TaxiPoint Magazine, from the leading trade media platform for the UK taxi industry, has been released today.

The October 2023 issue (Edition 54) covers a range of exclusive news and views from across the country, as well as providing useful tips and advice for taxi drivers and operators.

Some of the highlights of the new edition include:

  • A report on the cross-border issue that affects the taxi market, and how Transport for London (TfL) is calling for a change in the legislation to prevent the 'exploitation of a loophole' that allows out-of-town drivers to operate in the capital.

  • An analysis of the ongoing legal battle over whether private hire vehicle (PHV) operators should pay VAT on their rides, and what implications this could have for the industry and the consumers.

  • A feature on the VAT arrears that some taxi and PHV operators may face if they are required to pay back taxes, and how they can deal with this situation and avoid penalties.

  • An interview with PC Patrick Quinton, also known as the Taxi Cop, who shares his insights and experiences of working with the taxi trade and enforcing the law.

  • A warning from West Midlands Police about the role of taxi drivers in preventing fraud, and how they can spot and report suspicious activities and passengers.

  • An article on the importance of taxi insurance, and when it covers and does not cover drivers in different scenarios.

  • A news update on the tax checks that HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is conducting in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and what taxi drivers and operators need to do to comply.

  • A commentary on the challenges and opportunities for new black cab vehicle manufacturers, and what factors are influencing their entry into the market.

  • Plus much more.

The latest edition of TaxiPoint Magazine is available online and on various digital media platforms that includes Press Reader and Magzter. To read more, visit Digital Magazine | TaxiPoint Taxi News (


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