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North Lanarkshire Council gives green light for taxi tariff increase

Updated: Mar 5

North Lanarkshire Council has officially sanctioned an increase in taxi fares across the region.

This decision, arrived at after consultation with the North Lanarkshire Joint Taxi Trade Association, marks a notable change in the cost of short-distance travel within the region.

Effective immediately, the base fare for taxi rides up to 880 yards will jump from £2.60 to £3. This adjustment is part of a broader revision of taxi tariffs aimed at addressing the financial challenges faced by taxi operators.

Among these changes, the fee for taxis booked but ultimately cancelled, will also see an increase. For bookings made between 5am and midnight, the charge will escalate from £2.40 to £3. For those made in the hours from midnight to 5 am, the rate will rise from £3.40 to £4.

According to Glasgow Times, the council, serving as the licensing authority, undertakes a review of taxi fares every 18 months.

This latest fare review was granted by the council on several grounds, including the rising cost of living, escalating fuel prices, the significant expense involved in vehicle replacement, soaring insurance premiums, and the pressing need to attract newcomers to the taxi trade.

The Finance and Resources committee of the North Lanarkshire Council gave their unanimous approval for these adjustments during their recent meeting.

The fare increase reflects the council's response to the economic pressures hitting the taxi industry. This is reflective of many other local licensing authorities throughout the UK facing similar challenges.


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