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‘NOT WORTH THE RISK’: Three private hire drivers caught plying for hire during Liverpool crackdown

Liverpool City Council Licensing conducted a significant plying for hire operation on Saturday night, targeting private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers offering their services illegally.

A council spokesperson revealed that most drivers complied with the law, refusing requests from undercover officers to take them without a prior booking. However, three drivers did not comply, resulting in them being reported for their actions.

Plying for hire is a practice where drivers pick up passengers without a booking, which is strictly prohibited for PHV drivers. In the UK, PHVs are only permitted to collect pre-booked passengers via an operator, ensuring that all rides are regulated and recorded. This system aims to enhance passenger safety, ensuring that every journey is tracked and that drivers are properly vetted and insured.

Unlike black cabs or taxis, which are allowed to pick up passengers on the street or from taxi ranks without a booking, PHV drivers must have a booking before they can take passengers.

The three drivers who got caught breaking these rules now face charges for plying for hire offences and operating without insurance. Such offences can lead to penalties, including fines, points on their licence, or even the loss of their private hire driver's licence altogether.

A Liverpool City Council Licensing spokesperson said: “Licensing Officers carried out a plying for hire (PFH) operation last night. The majority of PHV drivers refused the Officer's request to take them without a booking.

“However, 3 drivers did not and will be reported for offences of PFH and no insurance.

“Not worth the risk!”


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