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Nuneaton daytime taxi fares to increase for first time in SEVEN YEARS by just 25p per fare

Daytime taxi tariffs in Nuneaton and Bedworth could be set to rise by 25p for the first time in seven years following rapidly rising costs faced in the taxi industry.

Several operators presented evidence of increases in the minimum wage, fuel, and vehicle insurance premiums, along with proof of other local authorities agreeing to fare increases across the country.

According to the Bank of England’s inflation calculator, the cost of goods and services has increased by 25.6% since the last fares review in the region.

Despite the higher costs of greener vehicles and record spikes in the price of fuel and energy, night-time tariffs are frozen at 2016 prices.

On average a full-time driver working 7-hour days can expect to complete between 15-20 fares. That represents an extra £3.75-£5 for the driver to cover costs and inflation.

If given the green light, taxi drivers and passengers can expect to pay:

  • a 25p increase in the meter drop of tariff one, taking the cost for the first 880 yards, to £3.75 (from £3.50)

  • no increase in the meter drop of tariff two or tariff three

  • an extra 10p for any person of more than one, taking the cost to 50p per person (from 40p per person)

  • an additional 10p for items of luggage, or four bags of standard shopping, taking the cost to 30p per item of luggage (from 20p per item), providing it is handled by the driver.

Cllr Sue Markham, Portfolio Holder for Public Services, said: “Many industries have experienced an increase in overheads in recent months, and the taxi industry is no exception.

“Operators have presented evidence of their rise in running costs from fuel to insurance premiums and other local authorities agreeing to fare increases.

“We understand the financial pressures residents may be facing, however, after careful consideration we feel it is only fair to update the tariffs drivers can charge and we have essentially kept the rise as low as possible.”

If no objections are received, then the proposed fare table will come into effect on Monday 3 April 2023.


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