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OFFICIAL: Taxi drivers in some local authorities ARE offered Additional Restriction Grant funding

Taxi drivers in some local authorities ARE ELIGIBLE for Additional Restriction Grant (ARG) funding being offered to support businesses impacted by Omicron coronavirus.

Taxi drivers across England have been hoping for fresh Omicron coronavirus financial support as part of the Chancellor’s £100million discretionary fund to support sectors who supply the hospitality and leisure sectors.

The rise of the Omicron variant has meant some businesses, including the taxi industry, have struggled through parts of December 2021 and January 2022.

The Government is now providing one-off grants of up to £6,000 for businesses in the hospitality and leisure sectors in England, and also providing a further £100million to local authorities for supply chains impacted, which could include taxi drivers.

One of the first councils to INCLUDE taxi drivers in the Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) funding is Bury Council. They actively list taxi drivers who live and work in Bury as eligible for funding.

Northumberland County Council have also committed to include taxi drivers in the ARG support. Self-employed taxi and private hire drivers licensed by the council will be eligible for a £200 ARG payment.

Other local authorities are still to announce the process of applying for ARG funding, but are expected to soon.

Last month, a Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) spokesperson said: “The Chancellor has announced an Additional Grant (ARG) to be allocated, at their discretion, by local authorities, to support businesses impacted by Omicron.

“We are contacting local authorities and Treasury for detail and to make a case for taxis.”

Taxi drivers should contact their local licensing authority or visit their website for the latest news on additional support.


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