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Over 500 applications for FREENOW Knowledge of London funding subsidy after just day one

Image credit: FREENOW

FREENOW, a black-cab and global mobility platform, announced that it has received over 500 applications on the first day for its Knowledge of London funding subsidy.

The subsidy aims to support London Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) drivers in completing the Knowledge of London and transitioning into black cab drivers.

The Knowledge of London is a rigorous and comprehensive examination process, unique to London's iconic black cab drivers. It requires drivers to become intimately familiar with the city's layout, streets, landmarks, and intricate road networks. The examination usually takes several years to complete.

Highlighting the significance of this initiative, FREENOW will fund 100% of the application cost, tuition fee, exams, and licensing, amounting to over two thousand pounds per driver over a minimum period of two years. This will provide a unique opportunity for more than 20,000 London PHV drivers on the FREENOW app to expand their careers.

To make this initiative a reality, FREENOW has partnered with two renowned schools, Knowledge Point School and WizAnn, which will collaborate in hosting information sessions for interested PHV drivers. These sessions will help drivers understand the requirements, benefits, and opportunities associated with obtaining a black cab licence.

The motivation behind FREENOW's initiative lies in the dwindling number of black cab licence applications in recent years. Over the past decade, licence applications have plummeted by almost 95%. Although demand for black cabs has seen a resurgence, the shortage of licensed drivers has put this safe and iconic mode of transport at risk.

By offering financial support, FREENOW aims to revitalise the black cab industry and address the declining number of licensed black cab drivers. Through this subsidy, the company aims to encourage more individuals to pursue careers as black cab drivers, ensuring that this cherished mode of transportation remains a prevalent and convenient option for Londoners.

A driver who made the change from PHV to black cab, Afzol, said: “Making the switch to become a black cab driver after driving private hire vehicles wasn't just about making more money. It was about starting a new career and achieving something I never thought I could.

“People close to me had been telling me to take the Knowledge test for years, but I wasn't sure about my English skills. Finally, after working as a private hire driver for nine years, I decided to go for it.

“The test was tough on my finances and time, but I'm really happy I did it. I love my job now and am proud to be part of such an iconic London institution.”


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