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Oxford black cab driver banned from working after emerging from woman’s toilet with genitals out

In a recent court hearing at Oxford Magistrates’ Court, Zaffran Amjad, a 28-year-old black cab driver, was banned from working as a taxi or minicab driver for five years after exposing himself to a lone female fare.

According to the Oxford Mail, the incident occurred on 1 July 2022 when Amjad dropped off the woman at her home. He then requested permission to use the toilet.

Upon emerging from the lavatory, Amjad had his flies undone, leaving his genitals exposed to the horrified woman. The driver then said: “You want this, right?”

Prosecuting, Ann Sawyer-Brandish, told the court on Wednesday 23 August: “Straightaway she knew what he was doing. She was terrified because he was in her house. She had allowed him in her house and she couldn’t go anywhere.”

Realising she needed him to leave, the woman urged Amjad to depart. He complied without escalating the situation; he rearranged himself before taking his leave. Immediately after the incident, she contacted a friend, describing the ordeal as the worst she had ever experienced. Acting upon her friend's advice, she promptly called the police.

During the trial, prosecuting attorney Ann Sawyer-Brandish described how the victim's life had been significantly affected by the incident. In an impact statement read to the court, she revealed that she had been forced to move house because she no longer felt safe in her previous residence.

Additionally, she expressed fear at the idea of going out alone in Oxford, stating that the incident had fundamentally altered her independence.

The woman said: “I feel like I’ve just put my life on hold for something I can’t control and I feel so lost because of it. No one should be made to feel this way; especially not in their own home.”

The court identified Amjad as the driver of the taxi and, following the trial, he was found guilty of a single charge of indecent exposure. Amjad was found to have no prior convictions, maintaining a previously good character.

In his defence, Amjad's advocate, Balaal Khan, portrayed his client as a responsible family man who had been driven to provide for his household. He explained how Amjad had been unable to work as a taxi driver since the incident, resulting in a significant financial blow to his family. Khan also highlighted Amjad's caring role for his mother and presented character references from individuals who spoke highly of Amjad's character.

Ultimately, the magistrates handed down a 16-week suspended prison sentence for two years. Additionally, a sexual harm prevention order was issued, preventing Amjad from working as a private hire driver or making unwanted sexual advances towards women for a period of five years.

Chairman of the bench, Dr. Bob Mahoney, acknowledged the distressing and profound impact the incident had on the victim.

As a result of the suspended prison sentence, Amjad will be included on the sex offender register for seven years. He was also ordered to pay £300 in compensation to the victim, as well as £654 in costs and surcharge.


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