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Passenger "SIGNIFICANTLY OVERCHARGED" by pedicab rider in London forcing police intervention

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Image credit : Twitter @MPSSoho

Police officers for the Metropolitan Police Service Soho Team came to the rescue of a pedicab passenger who was being "significantly overcharged" by a rider in London.

A spokesperson for the police said that the rider attempted to add an extra "zero" onto the card machine which was being used to pay the fare.

Using social media to highlight the incident, the police said: "The rider said they were charging a price & on the card machine entered an extra 0 on to the amount."

In addition to this incident, 10 pedicab riders were reported to court for playing loud music after 9pm, with four formal warnings also issued.

A spokesperson said: "On Saturday night I worked with @CityWestminister to target pedicabs playing music after 9pm.

"City inspectors reported 10 riders to court, issued 4 formal warnings & also reported a busker.

"We also assisted a passenger who was significantly overcharged. Soho. West End."

The Tweet caused quite a storm with social media users. One wrote: "Illegally plying for hire too. Only London taxis are allowed to play for hire in London."

Another wrote: "Why are they allowed to block the pavement outside the Hippodrome?" A spokesperson for the force replied: "No powers to seize and scrap. In relation to blocking, our lawyers deemed that we have no powers to deal with this. However do issue them notices that could lead to criminal convictions."


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