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PAVEMENT PARKED: Warrington taxi handed fixed penalty notice divides opinion

Photo image credit: Warrington Police

A Warrington taxi was handed a fixed penalty notice fine after a local police officer found the vehicle blocking pavement access.

Warrington Police Local Officer PCSO Potter spotted the licensed taxi on O’Leary Street parked half on the pavement. Access was further restricted by a signage post limiting the space available to pedestrians.

A Warrington Police spokesperson said on social media: “Local Officer PCSO Potter has issued a fixed penalty ticket to a vehicle on O'Leary Street that was blocking the pavement.”

The fixed penalty issued has since divided opinion on social media.

Gill Millar said: “People are so selfish sometimes. How are wheelchairs or prams supposed to get past without going on the road and putting themselves at risk because of someone else being so inconsiderate.”

Andy Bibby said: “The guy out of his car for a minute trying to make a living, and you book him for obstruction, when there’s nobody around to obstruct. You can see all the way up the street!”


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