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PCN FINES: Taxi reps say increased £160 fines are a disproportionate punishment for the offence

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Taxi driver representatives have called the increased Penalty Charge Notice (PCNs) a disproportionate punishment for the offence which could cost driver 42% of their weekly income.

The concerns come from the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) as Transport for London (TfL) move forwards with plans to increase the level of the penalty charge for road contraventions from £130 to £160.

PCNs are issued to drivers who fall foul to rules on London's network of red routes. The penalty charge will still be reduced by 50% if paid within 14 days and increased by 50% if paid after 28 days.

Paul Brennan, LTDA Chairman, said in TAXI Newspaper: “To put this increase into some perspective, for a person who is lucky enough to earn the so-called London living wage, it would cost them 42% of their weekly income to pay for what might be no more than a slight encroachment into a yellow box – not blocking it entirely mind you, just a small encroachment.

“No doubt Mayor Khan will have been on the TV, rightly berating the Government for increasing National Insurance or for not cutting VAT on household bills as thousands struggle to stay afloat and yet he sees nothing wrong in someone losing 42% of their weekly income for a minor infringement.”

TfL say the increased penalty charge is about improving compliance, not penalising drivers. PCNs can be issued for contraventions such as:    

  • Parking illegally in loading bays    

  • Blocking yellow box junctions 

  • Making a turn where this movement is banned, which creates risk for people walking and cycling  

  • Driving or parking in a bus lane    

  • Stopping on the red route.

The cost of a PCN for contraventions on the red route network has not increased for more than ten years. The last increase was in April 2011 when it rose from £120 to £130. TfL's increase to £160 is in line with inflation since the last increase.


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