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Phone left in an Uber traced to Romania a week after driver said he didn't have it

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Image credit : TaxiPoint / Twitter @EmilySmith146 remixed

A female Uber passenger has been left infuriated after leaving her phone in the back of a minicab, only to have it traced to Romania a week later.

Emily took to social media to vent her frustration after she said Uber told her the driver did not have her phone.

Emily said: "When your Uber driver steals your phone in London and Uber just say he doesn't have it so I must do.

"But then it suddenly appears in Romania a week later on find my iPhone. How strange Uber! And FYI, I haven't left the country in 2 years."

Emily said she had reported the incident to the police but has been told that there is "unfortunately nothing they can do now the phone is in another country".

She also went on to say the driver had a name which "originates from Romanian" and ignored calls and messages moments after she exited the vehicle and then the phone was switched off soon after.

Image credit: Twitter

Uber has said that they are "eager to look into the incident".


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