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PHV driver reported after cutting across unmarked police car & scrolling through phone while driving

Image credit : Twitter @GMPTraffic

A private hire driver has been reported for using his mobile phone whilst driving after he caught the attention of officers travelling in an unmarked police vehicle by cutting across them.

Greater Manchester Police Traffic Unit stopped the driver of the white Hyundai and filled in a report for the offence.

They also confirmed that the council in which the driver is registered with will be notified, although they didn't name which licensing authority it was.

Using Twitter to highlight the offence, a spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said: "The driver of this vehicle passed XT58 [police vehicle number], cut their nose off and then drove along whilst using his mobile phone.

”Unaware of the unmarked police vehicle, he continued to scroll whilst holding his phone.

"Vehicle stopped, council made aware and driver reported."

Twitter users had their say, with one responding to the tweet,: "Should have his taxi licence revoked immediately" Another said: "A drop in the ocean. On my bicycle I see so many drivers using their phones. A significant proportion. I'm sure they don't appreciate how dangerous it is. A lot more needs to be done."


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