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PHV driver who phoned female passenger asking to speak to her teenage daughter loses licence appeal

Image credit : Pixabay

Aldershot Magistrates' Court has upheld a council's decision to revoke a person's Private Hire Driver and Operator Licence after a number of issues were raised including reports that he phoned a female passenger asking to speak to her teenage daughter.

In October 2019, Licensing Officers referred the driver to Guildford Borough Council's Licensing Sub-Committee as they had not complied with licensing legislation and conditions.

They did not provide their Private Hire Operator records when asked by officers during the investigation of a complaint.  At the hearing, after considering the matter and the individual's submissions, the Sub-Committee revoked the licence.

In November 2019, the council also received a complaint about the taxi driver's conduct to passengers. The complainant alleged that after the cab journey taken with her teenage daughter, the driver called her mobile phone and asked to speak with her daughter. The council’s licensing officers investigated, and the driver's licence was revoked with immediate effect.

The licence holder appealed both decisions, and after several delays due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the District Judge dismissed the appeal at Aldershot Magistrates' on 15 October.

The individual was ordered to pay £500 towards costs within one month.

Cllr James Steel, Lead Councillor of Environment, says: "We are pleased with the court's decision to dismiss these two appeals. The decision to revoke a licence is never taken lightly.

"We have a duty to protect our residents, visitors and those who work in Guildford so they can be confident that their journeys with our licensed taxis will be safe.

"If you are planning to enjoy a night out, please use one of our licensed taxis from a rank or book a private hire vehicle through a licensed operator. Guildford taxis and private hire vehicles are easy to recognise, with their distinctive teal colour or door sticker, so you can be confident they are a properly licensed, safe vehicle.

"We expect all taxi drivers and operators to adhere to the high standards set by the Council and expected by the public, and most provide a great service. However if you ever have cause for concern then please contact us and officers will investigate.

"The government still suggests we wear a face covering in enclosed areas where possible. You should open windows for ventilation and sanitise your hands before and after your journey."


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