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Plymouth City Council green and white taxi livery plans scrapped

Plymouth City Council has abandoned its previous plans to mandate a green and white livery for taxis in the city.

The move comes after an extensive public consultation conducted last autumn, involving drivers, businesses, disability groups, and residents' associations.

The council's revised approach aims to rejuvenate the taxi industry in Plymouth, addressing the critical driver shortage that has impacted the city.

Councillors emphasised the importance of encouraging more drivers into the trade to meet the rising demand for taxi services. This shortage has become particularly acute in night-time scenarios, with residents reporting difficulties in securing rides home from nights out or commuting to and from work.

In a notable shift, private hire vehicles (PHV) in Plymouth will now be exempt from passing a knowledge test specific to the city. Instead, these drivers will be allowed to rely on satellite navigation systems to assist them in navigating the city. This change is expected to lower the entry barriers for new drivers, speeding up their entry into the industry.

The new regulations still maintain certain standards for Hackney Carriage taxis. Vehicles that are available for hire on ranks or ply for hire in Plymouth will still be required to pass the knowledge of Plymouth test. An exception is however made for those who have been driving private hire vehicles for more than three years.

These changes are set to take effect from Monday 1 April.


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