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Police seize Liverpool black taxi believed to be stolen after found displaying fake plates

Image credit: Merseyside Roads Policing Unit

Police are investigating the background of a parked up Liverpool black cab displaying FAKE registration plates that they believe to have been stolen.

Officers from the Merseyside Roads Policing Unit shared details and an image of the taxi parked up on the pavement on Wednesday 24 August.

The black LTC TX4’s registration plate did not match up with the model which alerted cops to investigate further.

The vehicle has since been taken away after suspicions that the taxi could have been stolen.

A Merseyside Roads Policing Unit said via social media: “This taxi was found parked up and it’s registration plate didn’t match what it should have been.

“We’ve taken this vehicle away on suspicion of being stolen and in order to ascertain it’s true identify.”


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