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Popular London taxi driver explains what works and what doesn’t at new Euston taxi rank

Circle image credit: Tom Hutley

London's Euston Station has recently unveiled its latest taxi rank, redesigned to cater exclusively to black cabs amidst ongoing infrastructural developments like the High Speed 2 (HS2) rail project.

In a recent video by YouTuber and London taxi driver Tom Hutley, he addresses the evolution of taxi ranks at the station, emphasising the challenges and design oversights that persist through the renovations.

The previous underground taxi rank at Euston Station, known for its multiple levels, was reconfigured due to the HS2 project, leading to several iterations, each with unique issues. Hutley pointed out that the second rank was particularly problematic, hampering traffic flow and passenger boarding due to its restricted space and ineffective barrier placements.

Despite the launch of the revamped rank on 7 April, which now boasts 36 spaces and several passenger-friendly features such as a help point, improved signage, and an additional 120 cycle spaces, Hutley highlighted continuing issues. He raised concerns about the access for taxis, particularly from certain directions, due to the existing road layouts and traffic regulations. These factors, he suggests, could pose significant logistical challenges during peak times.

Tom Hutley, known for his popular YouTube channel, is a professional London taxi driver who provides insights into the taxi industry and broader transport-related issues in the UK. His videos often draw on his first-hand experiences and observations, making him a credible source for many commuters and industry insiders.


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