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Portsmouth City Council set to EXTEND taxi age limits by FOUR YEARS following driver concerns

Portsmouth City Council look set to increase the upper age limit for taxis in the region by a total of FOUR YEARS after concerns from drivers over rising vehicle costs were heard.

The council’s current policy is one of the strictest and demands taxis to be under 8 years old.

Originally an extension in age limits were to only be offered to wheelchair accessible taxis, however that stance changed following a public consultation and looks set to cover all types of taxis.

The Licensing Committee are due to meet on 24 February 2023 and will give their final decision.

In a report prepared for Portsmouth City Council Licensing Committee, it reads: ‘The question which elicited most responses related to the proposed recommendation to extend the upper age limit for wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) from 8 years of age to 12 years of age.

‘Whilst the overall view was supportive of the proposal, many responses were received, presumably from licensed drivers and hackney vehicle proprietors, that the amendment to the policy should apply to all licensed vehicles, not just WAV vehicles.

‘Having due regard to the views expressed, the recommendation in relation to the upper age limit for licensed vehicles has now been amended to reflect an increase from 8 years to 12 years for all licensed vehicles not just WAVs. This recommendation also includes measures for licensing staff, in consultation with the council's approved vehicle examiner, to target and intervene in respect of those vehicles which are not maintained to a satisfactory standard.’


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