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Positive feedback from cabbies and passengers follows Sherbet Taxis and what3words integration

Image credit: what3words

Just months after adopting innovative location technology what3words, Sherbet Electric Taxis’ drivers are already praising the integration for improving both driver and customer experiences.

Sherbert and what3words have been working together since May 2022, providing Londoners with accessible, sustainable and seamless journeys to any precise destination in the capital. Sherbet is dedicated to providing the best service for all passengers, and early feedback indicates that its use of what3words addresses has made journeys more accessible than ever.

Sherbet Electric Taxis is London’s first fully electric black cab fleet, offering the most future-proofed version of the iconic and world-famous London black taxi. Catering to the eco-conscious and busy customer, Sherbet meets the needs of the modern passenger, business traveller, and city in an increasingly on-demand economy. Crucially, Sherbet’s entire fleet is 100% wheelchair accessible, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable ride for all Londoners.

Directing taxis to precise locations can be a frustrating experience for passengers and drivers alike. Destinations such as car parks and pop up venues do not always have a street address, and postcodes can cover large areas. For those with sight loss and accessibility requirements, finding and describing specific entrances to buildings, meeting points at busy venues and taxi pick-up / drop-off points can be a daily source of frustration. Stadiums and industrial parks are usually assigned a single address and yet have multiple entrances and car parks, and accessible entrances are rarely assigned specific addresses or directions.

Sherbet’s integration of what3words solves these issues for its customers. what3words provides a simple way to communicate precise locations. It has divided the world into a grid of 3 metre squares and given each square a unique combination of three random words: a what3words address. Now drivers and passengers can find, share and navigate to any specific 3 metre square in the world using three simple words. For example, ///juices.tribe.heap is the what3words address for the step-free, accessible ramp entrance at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Grant Vickers, Taxi Driver for Sherbet Electric Taxis, said: “what3words is a perfect tool if someone doesn’t know exactly where they are, or in a difficult place to locate. They can simply open the what3words app to find their three word address and tell us. Even though I know London like the back of my hand, a postcode doesn’t always pinpoint their location so with what3words we are covered from every angle.”

Image credit: what3words

Asher Moses, Founder and CEO of Sherbet Electric Taxis, said: “The iconic London Black Taxi is here to stay but to outdo the competition we need to retain all that London loves about it and upgrade every aspect that facilitates travel and that’s integrating tech to facilitate our passengers’ experience. We have admired what3words from day one and delighted to be partnering with them and integrating their facility."

Chris Sheldrick, Co-founder and CEO of what3words, said: “Today’s cities have not been designed with accessibility requirements in mind. Inadequate location information remains a significant barrier to independence for many, but we’re proud that this partnership enables Sherbet customers to travel through London seamlessly, knowing that their driver will always know exactly where to go.”


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