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Private hire driver fined £480 & issued with 7 penalty points for driving at 40mph on motorway

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Image credit : Pixabay remixed

A Glasgow licensed private hire driver faced the council's licensing committee after being fined and hit with penalty points for driving significantly below the speed limit along a motorway.

The man was recorded driving at 40mph along the M8 motorway, between junctions 27 & 28, where the speed limit is 70mph.

The offence lead to a fine of £480 and seven penalty points added to his driver's licence.

Facing Glasgow's licensing committee, the man faced allegations of constantly looking down while he was driving, which is why the police pulled him over.

As first reported by Glasgow Live, the private hire driver said he was driving slowly because he was changing lanes, preparing to exit at the next junction.

After taking all evidence and statements into consideration, the council's licensing committee decided to allow the man to keep his private hire driver's licence, but issued him with a warning for his behaviour.


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