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Private hire driver suspended in Wirral for having NO INSURANCE or LICENSING PLATE

Image credit: Wirral Police

A private hire driver in Wirral was suspended by police for having no insurance and lacking a visible licensing plate.

Wirral Police officers pulled over the light blue Toyota Auris in Port Sunlight on 25 June.

Upon inspection the driver of the ‘taxi’ was found to have no insurance and no ‘taxi’ vehicle licence usually displayed on the rear of the vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle, believed to be a private hire vehicle rather than a taxi due to its lack of ‘For-Hire’ light on its rooftop, was suspended and reported to Wirral’s licensing team.

Wirral Police said via social media: “Taxi stopped in Port Sunlight earlier today by Targeted Team officers. Taxi not displaying a taxi licence to the rear and vehicle showing no insurance.

“Driver suspended and reported to Wirral Taxi Licencing Team. We work alongside partners to ensure that you can safely use public transport.”

What does a taxi look like in the Wirral?

According to the council, Hackney carriage vehicles can be hailed in the street and are traditionally known as ‘black cabs’ or ‘taxis’, although there are now a number of makes, models, and colours of vehicles which are licensed as taxis.

Hackney carriage vehicles can be hailed from the street when the 'For Hire' light is illuminated, hired from a taxi rank, or booked in advance from an office or taxi company.

Licensed taxis have an external roof light displaying the word ‘TAXI’ and can be recognised by a white plate on the front and rear of the vehicle with Wirral Council's logo and the plate number which is unique to that vehicle. The rear plate also shows the make, model, maximum number of passengers, and the expiry date of the licence.


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