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Private hire driver who nearly drove head-on into a police car said he was a "GOOD DRIVER"

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Image credit : Facebook Humberside Police

A private hire driver who nearly caused a head-on collision with a police car after performing a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre has been reported by Humberside Police.

Humberside Police’s Special Constabulary Team posted on social media, sharing details of the offence in which the driver of the private hire car said he was a “good driver”.

A spokesperson for the force, said: “This taxi [private hire] driver overtook another vehicle and came onto the wrong side of the road forcing us to take evasive action.

“When stopped, the driver said they where a ‘good driver‘. Subsequently driver reported for driving without due care and attention.”

Social media users had their say on the offence, with one commenting: “Being a good driver is more about the choices you make than how fast you can go.”

Another took a pop at the choice of in-car music made by the police. The screen on the vehicle’s radio shows that they were listening to a track from Witney Houston. One Facebook user said: “Horrendous choice of music however in the cop car.”


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