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Private hire vehicle driver could face losing licence for mobile phone use on M25

Image credit: Surrey RoadSafe

A private hire vehicle (PHV) driver has been penalised for using his mobile phone while driving on the M25.

Surrey RoadSafe, a coalition committed to reducing traffic accidents and promoting responsible driving, reported the incident, highlighting the risks associated with distracted driving.

The driver was observed by the Vanguard RST, a road safety task force, engaging with his mobile device—tapping the screen then holding it up to his face to speak—while navigating one of the UK's busiest motorways.

The driver now faces a series of penalties ranging from six penalty points on his driving licence and a fine of £300. The transgression also puts the driver at risk of losing his private hire licence, according to officers.

A Surrey RoadSafe spokesperson said: “Driver of this private hire taxi was seen holding his phone and tapping the screen before then holding it up in front of his face and speaking into it on M25.

“Stopped by Vanguard RST, driver now faces 6 points, £300 and possible loss of private hire licence.”


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