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RECOVERY: London taxi fleet accelerates past 15,000 vehicles licensed mark

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Image credit: LEVC

The London taxi vehicle fleet has recovered back past the 15,000 vehicles mark as cabbies and fleet owners continue to invest millions of pounds into greener cabs.

According to Transport for London (TfL) data there are currently 15,013 black cab vehicles licensed in London. That represents an increase of over 1,552 vehicles since April 2021.

The current fleet number is still way off pre-pandemic levels where it stood at 18,504 in April 2020. That figure is not expected to be reached in the short to mid-term as taxi driver licences continue to drop.

In April 2022 LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) announced the significant milestone of its 5,000th TX taxi sold in London. The TX is expected to overtake the diesel TX4 cab as the most popular vehicle licensed in London in the coming months.

In June there were 6,505 TX4 cabs currently working in the capital.

In third place the Mercedes-Benz Vito cab sits with 2,629 cabs and next up is the Nissan Dynamo Taxi with 170 registered.

Since 2018 when new Zero Emission Capable (ZEC) rules arrived in London, taxi drivers and fleet owners in the capital have invested over £330 million to help the Mayor of London’s clean air strategy.


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