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RED LIGHT ROULETTE: Where in the UK are you most likely to find red light runners?

A recent study conducted by personal injury specialists at has identified areas in the UK with the highest incidence of motorists running red lights, pinpointing Westminster as the most hazardous.

The research used Home Office data on road collisions from 2022, where drivers failed to comply with automatic traffic signals, adjusted for population, to rank the areas.

Westminster emerged as the leader in this dubious category, with a rate of 12.30 road collisions per 100,000 people, totalling 26 incidents for the year. This figure is the highest among the top ten areas surveyed, demonstrating a significant risk for both drivers and pedestrians in the area.

Doncaster followed as the second most likely area for such violations, with 9.11 crashes per 100,000 people and 10 recorded incidents. Bradford was third, with 25 collisions, the second highest number, resulting in 8.52 incidents per 100,000 inhabitants.

Wolverhampton and Southampton were ranked fourth and fifth, with 6.77 and 6.27 collisions per 100,000 people respectively. Both cities reported 17 incidents due to red light violations in 2022.

Kensington and Chelsea came in sixth with 6.16 crashes per 100,000, followed closely by Bournemouth with 5.87. Swindon and Southwark took the eighth and ninth spots with 5.85 and 5.77 crashes per 100,000 residents respectively. Finally, Tower Hamlets rounded out the top ten with 5.53 collisions per 100,000 people, having experienced 18 accidents.

A spokesperson for said: “It’s interesting to discover that four out of the leading ten areas are based in London. This suggests that driving instructors in the city perhaps need to emphasise the importance of traffic lights and the dangers that can occur by disobeying them. 


“However, regardless of where drivers are located, it’s crucial that all citizens stop at red lights to ensure safety on the roads. Failing to do so doesn’t only impose risk to yourself, but also to other drivers.” 


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