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RED LIGHTS: City of London Police cracks down on anti-social cycling, dishing out 77 fixed penalties

Image credit: City of London Police

In response to increasing concerns about road safety and anti-social behaviour, the City of London Police launched a five-day operation at Bank Junction, targeting cyclists who were running red lights and endangering pedestrians.

From 11 to 15 September, the City of London Police's Cycle Response Unit focussed their efforts on this major transport route during peak commuting hours.

The results of the operation were significant, with a number of citations and warnings issued to offenders. A total of 77 fixed penalty notices were given to cyclists, allowing them the option to enrol in a cycle safety course or pay a fine of £50. Additionally, 94 traffic offence warnings were issued to individuals exhibiting irresponsible behaviour on the roads.

One of the primary goals of the operation was to address the issue of illegal e-cycles and e-scooters in the area. Nine of these vehicles were seized for destruction, as they did not comply with the necessary regulations. Furthermore, the City of London Police actively engaged with the public, providing approximately 150 crime prevention messages regarding phone snatching and cycle theft.

Bank Junction, which is accessible only to buses and cyclists during peak office hours, witnessed an increased number of office workers crossing busy roads and navigating road works, making it crucial to prioritize the safety of pedestrians and the enforcement of traffic rules for cyclists. The operation aimed to enhance the overall road safety culture and ensure a harmonious environment for all road users.

Simultaneously, the City of London Police's Road Policing Unit played their part by conducting 115 vehicle interactions during the same period. Their focus was on identifying and apprehending individuals committing road traffic offenses. As a result, four individuals were arrested for such offenses, while nine vehicles were seized due to lack of insurance. Furthermore, five drivers were issued penalty points on their licences and fined for using their mobile phones while driving.

Police Sergeant Stuart Ford, City of London Police, said: “This operation was a significant success in reducing anti-social behaviour by road users at a big interchange in the City of London. The majority of cyclists are safe and obey the Highway Code, however, we dealt with a number who went through red lights, putting themselves and pedestrians at risk.

“We received a number of positive comments from people who were grateful for our intervention and advice on preventing phone snatching and cycle theft.”

James Thomson, Chair of the City of London Police Authority Board, said: “Public safety is our number-one priority – whether that’s on our roads, on our pavements, or while using public transport.

“Working with the City of London Police we continue to ensure that the City remains the safest business district in the world – for all that live, work or visit the Square Mile."


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