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Reports of BOGUS TAXI DRIVERS cashing in during driver shortages sparks warning

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Bogus taxi drivers are cashing in on the current demand during busy nights out by offering cheap lifts, according to Plymouth City Council.

According to the council's website, there has been a growing number of complaints regarding unlicensed drivers offering their ‘services’ on social media, some for as little as £5 for a return journey to the City Centre.

The website states: "Whilst taxis have been hard to find on busy nights, there are significant dangers involved with travelling in unsafe or uninsured cars with drivers who are not properly vetted. It’s also undercutting licensed taxi and private hire vehicle fares and harming the livelihoods of Council approved drivers."

Councillor John Riley, the Cabinet Member responsible for Community Safety and Licensing, said: “We want everyone to enjoy their nights out in Plymouth which is why we are urging people to take sensible steps to avoid unscrupulous bogus taxi drivers who put earning illegal extra money before people’s safety.

"Using an unlicensed vehicle could put your safety in jeopardy and in the worst case scenario, could be the last journey you make. No one wants their lives devastated by a car accident they could be uninsured for just because of the desire to get home quickly after a night out.

“We are urging people to only use a licensed taxi or private hire vehicle and if not, to have a designated driver within their group on a night out.”

The Council’s Licensing Team have said they have already contacted several drivers who have been advertising on social media, but there are still a number operating illegally in the city.

Drivers who carry passengers for a fee without a taxi or private hire licence are committing a number of offences and could face prosecution and fines or points on their licence.

Councillor Riley added: “Our message is very clear you cannot offer a taxi service without a taxi or private hire licence. It is a criminal offence and we will take action against you. We take any allegations of rogue taxi drivers very seriously and will investigate any reports so I would urge residents to contact us if they have any issues. You can do that via our website or by emailing”


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