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Richmondshire taxi drivers boost their knowledge of dementia by undertaking new training

Image credit: Richmondshire District Council

Richmondshire’s fleet of taxi drivers are boosting their knowledge of dementia by undertaking new training sessions.

For the last 12 months Richmondshire District Council has been working with local licensed taxi drivers to ensure that they are dementia friendly. Following on from initial training last year, extra sessions have been held over the last few weeks to ensure drivers can offer dementia friendly taxi services for customers.

Working with the trainer, Fiona Andrews, from the charity Dementia Forward, the training aims to give drivers confidence to help people with dementia safely maintain independence.

Andrews worked with Richmondshire's licensing officer, Vince Ravetta, and Councillors Karin Sedgwick and Clive World to deliver the training.

Andrews said: “In rural areas especially, taxis can be a lifeline and knowing that the drivers have had training and will understand the issues of living with dementia is reassuring for families.

“Access to dementia friendly transport can provide a lifeline to maintaining quality of daily life.”


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