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RISING CABBIE COSTS: THREE more taxi licensing authorities announce RISE in tariffs

Three more licensing authorities around the UK have given the green light to increase taxi fares as rising costs hit the taxi industry.

Sandwell Council released details of its new proposed Hackney Carriage tariffs which will go live later this month if no objections are received.

The main changes will see the charge for the first mile of any journey between 6am and 10pm increase by £1 to £5, while each subsequent mile will be charged at £1.92, which represents a 32p rise. Late night tariffs will also rise.

In Nottingham, taxi drivers and passengers could see prices rise by 15.36% during the daytime rates, and 12.3% during the late night tariff.

New taxi fares in Clydebank have also been accepted by the council’s licensing board.

The tariff will see the rate per mile on all tariffs increase by 10p and an extra 30p on the starting amount on all tariffs.

The overnight 50p extra charge, previously added between 10pm and 6am, has now been brought forward to start at 9pm.

In an email from the Clydebank Taxi Operators Group sent to the licensing board, Secretary Kenny McSheaffrey wrote: “Clydebank Taxi Operators Group, as representatives of the trade in our area, are reluctant to pass on increased costs to our passengers but feel in this difficult economic climate that we can no longer absorb these inflated costs.

“We acknowledge that our trade had taken a small rise back in November 2021 for the first time in 3 years but would ask that the escalating fuel costs be taken into consideration as the committee reaches a decision.”


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