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Rugby Borough Council provides tips for safe taxi travel during Christmas season

Rugby Borough Council's licensing team has issued a set of guidelines that aim to help residents travel confidently in taxis.

First and foremost, the public are quite rightly advised to check whether the licensed taxis possess a plate at the rear end of the vehicle. This plate contains crucial information, such as the licensing council, licence number, vehicle registration details, and the expiry date of the licence. Additionally, a badge displaying the same information should be clearly visible on the taxi's dashboard or front windscreen.

The council highlighted the importance of distinguishing between licensed hackney carriage taxis and private hire vehicles. Private hire vehicles, also known as minicabs, must be pre-booked and are not permitted to pick up passengers on the street. Drivers who choose to do so face potential prosecution, and passengers run the risk of being uninsured in the event of an accident.

Rugby's white hackney carriage taxis, on the other hand, can be hailed on the street or found at designated taxi ranks in the town center. These ranks are situated outside New Look and the Clock Tower in North Street, as well as outside the railway station in Railway Terrace. Whether hailing a hackney carriage or using a private hire taxi, passengers should be aware that both drivers must hold a valid license and should visibly wear a photo ID badge.

To ensure their safety, passengers can request and inspect the driver's ID badge before commencing a journey.

Cllr Derek Poole, leader of Rugby Borough Council and portfolio holder for regulation and safety, said: "Taxis provide a valuable service all year round but with increased demand over the Christmas period, it's important passengers know how to identify a licensed cab and driver before travelling.

"Taking a moment to check your taxi and its driver have a licence gives you peace of mind. It's also worth making a note of which council has licensed a cab or driver, as some taxis operating in Rugby have licences issued by other councils.

"Should you wish to make a complaint about a driver who has been licensed by another council, you'll need to tell us which council in order for us to investigate.

"We want all our residents to enjoy the Christmas celebrations and stay safe," Cllr Poole added.

"By making a few simple checks before travelling, you can help make sure you get home safely."


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