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School bus and taxi operator fined £7,313 for dangerous vehicles used by school children

In a recent court ruling, Beaufort Minibuses & Taxis Ltd faced substantial fines after the Driver and Vehicle Standards Authority (DVSA) discovered the use of dangerously defective vehicles for school transport.

The court's decision came after DVSA examiners conducted a spot check, uncovering severe safety issues in two 16-seater minibuses operated by the company.

The inspection revealed critical defects, including an emergency exit door that had been intentionally obstructed, sharp edges on seating posing injury risks, and malfunctioning exterior lights. Additionally, one of the vehicles had been operating without a current Public Service Vehicle (PSV) MOT for nine months, and lacked an excise licence for the same duration.

Faced with these findings, Beaufort Minibuses & Taxis Ltd could not provide any justification for the condition of their vehicles. On Tuesday 19 March, the operator, absent from the proceedings, was fined £2,500 for each vehicle's offences.

The court further imposed a victim surcharge of £2,000 and ordered the payment of £313 in costs, culminating in a penalty of £7,313.

Following the DVSA's intervention, Beaufort Minibuses & Taxis Ltd surrendered their operating licence and ceased their business operations.

A DVSA spokesperson said: “The health and safety of school children is of paramount importance, our officers act on information given to us and prosecute serious offenders.”


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