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SEIZED: Met Police takes action against ice cream vans obstructing Westminster Bridge bus lane

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Image credit: Metropolitan Police Roads and Transport

The Metropolitan Police Roads and Transport Unit joined forces with local councils to combat the long running issue of ice cream vans obstructing cycle lanes on Westminster Bridge.

In a collaborative effort with the Met Police Lambeth, City of Westminster Council, and Lambeth Council, legal options have been explored to address the problem.

A spokesperson for the Met Police Roads and Transport Department stated: "Recently, we've worked closely with Met Police Lambeth, City of Westminster Council, and Lambeth Council to investigate legal avenues regarding ice cream vans obstructing the cycle lane on Westminster Bridge."

As part of their approach, the authorities have taken decisive actions against offenders. The spokesperson continued: "We've reported offences to court, issued points, community protection notices, and as a result, today we seized."

The obstruction of the Westminster Bridge bus and cycle lanes by ice cream vans has been a growing concern for cabbies, buses drivers and cyclists alike. The presence of these vehicles not only poses a safety hazard but also disrupts the smooth flow of traffic.

Cllr Aicha Less, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Communities Public Protection and Licensing at Westminster Council said: “We all love a 99-ice cream on a sunny day, however, ice cream vans parking illegally on cycle lanes are dangerous for cyclists, pedestrians, and other road users.

“By working with Lambeth Council and the Metropolitan Police we will make sure vans stay away from Westminster Bridge and have the proper licenses to trade in a safe place.”


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