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SEIZED! Police discover driver of out of fuel minicab on M62 was DISQUALIFIED from driving

Image credit: NW Motorway Police

A private hire vehicle which ran out of fuel on the M62 motorway was SEIZED by police after officers helping at the scene discovered the driver was DISQUALIFIED from driving and held no insurance.

The dark navy Ford minicab was spotted by NW Motorway police officers by the side of the road. After turning up and speaking to the driver of the vehicle, shocked police learnt the driver was in fact disqualified.

The minicab was seized and the driver was reported.

A NW Motorway Police spokesperson said: “This Private Hire vehicle ran out of fuel on the M62 - Our patrol spoke to its driver , turns out he was disqualified from holding a licence and therefore uninsured - Seized and the driver reported for summons.”


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