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"Selfish London cab driver" leaves unattended taxi on busy Brighton rank blocking working cabbies

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Image credit : Twitter @CabsBrighton

A London licensed taxi driver has been slammed for their "selfish" behaviour, after they chose to leave their vehicle on a working rank in Brighton, blocking vital space needed by the local hackney carriage trade.

An image was posted on social media, showing the Mercedes Vito parked on the back of the rank and left unattended.

Andy Peters, a Brighton and Hove hackney carriage driver and an active spokesperson within the Brighton taxi trade, slammed the London driver: "Selfish Metropolitan London cab driver uses busy Brighton taxi rank for free parking causing Brighton drivers to lose a space & drive around whilst trying to work."

Andy went on to confirm that enforcement action was taken: "Pleased to say that our call to parking enforcement has resulted in a ticket being issued. Please stay off our ranks. We have to work as well."

This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred in Brighton.

TaxiPoint recently covered a number of other times in which London cabbies left unattended vehicles on Brighton ranks.

In August of last year, TaxiPoint published an article about a cab which was left on one of Brighton's busiest seafront ranks. At the time Andy spoke out: "Yet another London cab using our busy seafront rank for free parking.

"Just come and been told it's been there all day. Parking Enforcement now on its way."


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