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Sleeping five-year-old boy LEFT IN TAXI after cabbie and father fail to notice child on drop-off

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Image credit: ITS Congresses (Flickr CC2.0

A sleeping five-year-old boy was LEFT BEHIND in a taxi after he and his parent were dropped off after travelling from Glasgow Airport.

According to the Daily Record, the young boy believed to be around five-years-old, remained in the cab and the cabbie made the shocking discovery 11-miles down the road travelling back to Glasgow Airport.

Spinning back around, police sources say the the child was re-united with his father in the Maryhill area where the cabbie had originally dropped them off.

Police were called by the worried father and they were able to locate the cabbie quickly.

A Police spokesperson said: “Around 9.20 this morning, Friday, 4 February 2022, police were called after a taxi driver dropping off passengers in Petershill Road, Maryhill inadvertently drove off with a sleeping child in the back.

“The taxi driver was located a short time later and the child reunited with the parents. No concern for the child. Advice and assistance given."


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